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Louder Than Words The B Corp Festival Sep 10 - 11. Oxford, UK Agenda Buy Tickets
Louder Than Words The B Corp Festival Sep 10 - 11. Oxford, UK


Applications are now closed

All applications will be reviewed and you’ll hear from us by April 12th to let you know if your talk or session has been selected for this year’s festival. If you have any questions or require more information please contact Emma from Warwick Events, the organisers of Louder than Words.

The countdown to the largest-ever gathering of B Corps has begun

This isn’t your standard event. Say goodbye to the typical format of linear agendas delivered in one place. The B Corp Festival will be bursting with vibrancy and colour, designed to stimulate creativity, ideas, connections, debates and action. With an engaged and eager audience, we will be diving deep into tackling the issues that matter and putting ideas into action. 

And that is where we need you. We’re actively seeking examples of impact:

  • Has your company gone beyond business as usual?
  • Are you transforming your industry or encouraging your peers to create change?
  • Do you have lived experience, or a unique perspective to bring to the table?
  • Are you truly building an inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy?

If you know (or are!) a great speaker, facilitator, or you have a new dynamic idea for a session at the event, let us know.


Dates: 10-11 September 2024
Number of days: 2
Number of different session spaces: 40+


Total number of participants: 2,900
Digital/virtual: 500
In-person: 2,400

Based on our research and community insights, we’ve identified three key aspirations that participants are seeking from the festival:

  • to effect meaningful change or take a transformative action
  • to feel motivated and empowered to exceed their current practices
  • to establish lasting connections

From delivering a Lightning Talk with a single impactful idea to leading an Oxford-style debate, presenting a Pecha Kucha to industry peers, or organising a Fishbowl Discussion – examples of how to get involved.

  • We’re actively seeking fresh content from businesses of varying sizes and across diverse industries
  • We’re actively championing diversity of thought and individuals from all walks of life. We believe that embracing a wide range of perspectives leads to richer discussions, innovative solutions, and a more inclusive community. By fostering an environment where diverse voices are valued and heard, we aim to create a space where everyone feels empowered to contribute and thrive
  • Your session should be new, not previously presented at other events. While you’re welcome to draw from past experiences, our aim is to upcycle, not recycle
  • Sessions should be interactive and organic
  • We encourage exploring innovative presentation styles and engagement methods
  • We’re especially interested in speakers who are candid and willing to share both their failures and successes


Our event spaces

Oxford is bursting with history and culture, with plenty of exciting and cool venues. Our programme is spread across a wide range of spaces: from cosy coffee shops and cafes to contemporary university spaces. We also have a debating chamber, a courtroom, a 1930s theatre plus a whole bunch of characterful places in between.

This spectrum of venues reflects the amazing diversity of people and companies within our B Corp Community and to maximise impact, your content will be paired with the ideal space.